The Suzuki Strings of Columbus, Mississippi performed in Carnegie Hall as part of the Viennese Masters Orchestra Invitational. Only five orchestras were selected to perform in this historic concert venue. Read what director, Diane Ford, had to say about her experience:

"Thank you for the wonderful experience we had in New York playing at Carnegie Hall. Everything was great! Our local Tour Escort was FABULOUS! She knows the city well and made the trip special for us. Her clever guidance and kindness to our group was refreshing. She showed us as much of the city as was possible with the time we had. My MCI team was great to work with. All were helpful and supportive and kind. All stayed in touch and responded quickly to questions and needs.


Seeing all our hard work come together and experiencing the thrill of playing together on stage at Carnegie Hall was a blessing for all the musicians. We were treated beautifully by the MCI Staff at Carnegie Hall and were honored to have the opportunity to perform at Carnegie Hall and represent our town and the State of Mississippi along with the other wonderful groups that performed in the concert.


All the hard work, preparations, fundraising, and extra rehearsals were worth the end result of performing at Carnegie Hall!"

Diane Ford, Director
Suzuki Strings of Columbus

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