Between November 8 – 15, seventeen colleagues from Music Celebrations International participated in a familiarization (fam) tour that included Budapest, Vienna and Prague. The goal of this (as with all fam trips) was to gain first-hand knowledge of concert venue sites, accommodation options, local sightseeing, special event, transportation and local contact information — information so important to our clients. This first-hand knowledge equips MCI staff to both market and operate successfully in these destinations because of this “been there, done that” experience.

The itinerary that includes these three major capitals, is one of MCI’s most popular concert tour itineraries because of the easy proximity of these major cities to each other, the experience of three very different cultures and languages, all within a short distance, and the rich and varied musical heritage to be found in all three.

Emphasis on this fam tour was to prepare for the huge interest in the Beethoven 250th Anniversary in 2020, centered in Vienna. MCI will manage and sponsor major instrumental and choral festivals in venues such as the Musikverein Golden Hall and St. Stephen’s Cathedral to commemorate and honor Beethoven’s 250th birthday and his universally-loved music. MCI will offer unique experiences to walk in Beethoven’s footsteps through the Vienna Woods, visit an exciting updated Museum on his life, explore venues, churches, theaters associated with Beethoven, resulting in greater knowledge of and appreciation for one of the world’s greatest composers.

All participants expressed overwhelming feelings and sensations with this irreplaceable hands-on experience, and appreciated an awareness that this new knowledge will help them individually and MCI to better operate, organize and market these great musical cities, and the incomparable musical and concert experiences that await MCI clients in Hungary, Austria and the Czech Republic.