For over 30 years, the invitational American Celebration of Music concert series has produced thousands of performances throughout Europe.  Music Celebrations International’s clients benefit directly from over 30 years of experience, networking, and concert production.  MCI has the best trained staff (in the states and in Europe) in the concert touring industry.  When you partner with MCI, you can expect superior customer service, accessibility, flexibility, professionalism, and extraordinary performance experiences.  Dr. Gayle Walker reports: 

THANK YOU for the wonderful tour, Concert Choir experienced via MCI in the Baltics.  It surpassed my expectations in every way!  This was an outstanding tour; I feel privileged to have experienced it.  Our students loved it, and all know that we were fortunate to have experienced what we experienced. The venues, the shared concerts, meals, hotel locations, and side trips were all superb.  The size of the audiences blew me away – every concert was full, and the last 2 were standing room only (I estimate 800 in Kaunas and 1000 in Vilnius).  It wasn’t just that we had standing ovations, they applauded on the same beat together – wow.  The choirs we sang with were all wonderful to meet, and all sang beautifully.  We hit it off with the Riga and Vilnius choirs especially – a choirs of math majors, and a choir of doctors.  You gotta love these cultures.  We were delighted by the layers of history we discovered, much like our trip to Germany in 2017, the guides who guided us in Riga and Vilunius were great as well, they taught us well.  Each tour I’ve experienced with MCI has changed our lives for the better.  We are all grateful for your work on our behalf.  Thank you for a remarkably wonderful tour to the Baltics!

Dr. Gayle Walker, Choir Director

Otterbein University