“I was incredibly surprised with the amount of both sightseeing and singing opportunities we had. I was incredibly impressed by the way that the Wesley sights were woven into the itinerary. I was worried that my request for both a Wesley heritage tour AND a singing tour combined would leave both wanting. Those fears could not have been more unfounded. The itinerary fulfilled both of those incredibly well. I compared several tour companies, and MCI seemed the most well-equipped to pull off the Wesley/singing tour combination. That proved to be very correct! My interactions with my MCI Team were excellent all around. You all really did a great job helping me feel comfortable, answering our questions, and preparing us completely for the tour. The concerts were meaningful, with several very appreciative audiences. The tour highlights were singing in Bath Abbey, performing with a local choir, and having the opportunity to sing our way through England while learning about and following in the footsteps of John and Charles Wesley. If I get a chance to do another tour, I will most definitely consider Music Celebrations International at the top of the list!”


Michael Dougherty, Music Director