“Our trip was fabulous and I can’t thank you all enough for helping to make it a reality for the kids. Everything was amazing and worked out smoothly. The MCI team was absolutely fantastic. I’ve never worked with a more responsive, caring, supportive, kind, and detailed travel agency staff. Having organized a few of our choir tours myself I’m painfully aware of how much goes into the planning of a successful tour. Absolutely top notch and I can’t wait to work with them again!

So many tour highlights! The Nikolaikirche in Leipzig was wonderful, especially because we had it to ourselves. The concert in Prague was a fantastic venue and it’s where the choir truly ‘found its sound.’ The tour of the Prague Castle and St. Vitus was incredible, as was all of Prague. Our tour guide even encouraged us to sing two numbers in St. Vitus even though we weren’t supposed to or allowed (we made sure to go into the cathedral with only 30 minutes left before they closed it to the public so we sang right in the middle, right at the end and the kids had a blast). That was an unexpected delight. Everything about the experience in Melk was incredible. For me, and for many of the kids, the Salzburg Dom was also an incredible highlight. What a life changing experience. In general, every day was a highlight, with magical happenings every day. Lastly, our local Tour Manager made everything the best it could be.

There are quite literally no words that can express how wonderful our MCI Tour Manager was! Incredible! Outstanding! Loving! Every adjective that can be applied to the perfect experience is applicable here. From the moment she met us at the airport she was warm, friendly, and welcoming. She made sure to go to every detail to ensure the comfort and ease of everyone on the tour. She was very clear with her communication to the group and worked with me extensively to configure the details of the itinerary to meet our needs. She was also very flexible which helped as weather and energy levels fluctuated. Throughout the entire tour, she treated all of us like we were her own family and cared for everyone. She was also very funny and great to converse with on the bus. Many of the students became quite attached to her and were sad when they had to say goodbye. I can’t thank her enough and recommend her for all future tours. She was absolutely the best!

I think I’ve said it all, thank you so much! Everything was fabulous. I will very enthusiastically recommend MCI to everyone. Thank you again to everyone at MCI who made this tour possible! The kids, families, and I can’t thank you enough! I hope to work with you again very soon!”


John Eisemann, Director