“What a wonderful trip! The music was glorious, the venues you had for us were spectacular places to see and in which to sing, the sight-seeing was once-in-a-lifetime for my students, and the travel was comfortable and fun. Thanks for inviting us! Your encouragement was very valuable in convincing me it would be well worth the effort, especially as we got to perform with Eph Ehly! We plan to hold a “Night to Remember” party on our campus for all to come and see and hear about this marvelous trip you gave us!

All the staff that were with us in Salzburg had everything run to perfection! The days were well run and the rehearsals well organized. So too was the experience of the Concert night in the Salzburg Dom… all the staff were very adept at being kind and helpful to the singers while also being firm and direct in the instructions about all the details surrounding the rehearsals and performances. MCI has a friend in me, and this past month at our KCDA Summer Convention, I spread the word about how easy this was, recommending to my choral director colleagues that they should consider working with MCI for a great trip!

I truly hope I can work with you again!”


Dr. Terry Crull, Director
Fort Hays State University Singers