“What an AMAZING trip we had with MCI!!!! Everyone here is STILL talking/asking about the DC trip!!! The National Memorial Day Choral Festival performance was SIX STARS OUT OF FIVE!!! The audience, the U.S. Air Force Orchestra, the soloists, the singers, the CONDUCTORS….a truly life-changing moment. Singers were literally weeping at the end of the concert. This is something they will remember for the rest of their lives.

I am VERY GRATEFUL for the invitation from MCI to participate in the National Memorial Day Choral Festival and Parade. This experience inspired our entire community, and its effect on the participants and their families will last a lifetime. We have had accolades come in throughout the summer. We received a proclamation from the floor of the Tennessee State Senate via our Senator Rusty Crowe. The TV stations and newspapers did an outstanding job covering the event from beginning to end. Our City Council and School Board made sizeable donations to make this tour possible for all who wanted to come. Every cent we raised, earned, and paid was WELL WORTH IT!! Thank you very much!!!”


Deborah Gouge, Director
Elizabethton High School Choir