“As usual, MCI hit one out of the park with our trip to DC. It was a wonderful experience. Cindy and her team were top-notch. Can’t wait until our next collaboration. I cannot say enough about our experience at the Kennedy Center. Our performance in the Kennedy Center was inexplicable. The overall experience of performing in such a venue is breath-taking. Our collaboration with MCI, allowing for performances such as this, continues to cause us to stretch ourselves as individual musicians, and collectively as an ensemble. Expect to see the CCO time and time again in the future! My MCI Team is the absolute best in the industry. Over the years, I have traveled with many companies and I have never been afforded the quality service, respect, and collegiality found at MCI anywhere else. I see no need to look elsewhere. MCI, and this dynamic team of professionals, meets all our needs without question. I would encourage any ensemble director who feels that his/her performing ensemble is ready for world-class venues to pursue travel with MCI. The professionalism of the MCI team, coupled with opportunities provided for performance in the world’s greatest concert halls, is without equal in my experience. I highly recommend the MCI experience. My orchestra is better as a result of our collaboration with MCI!”


Scott Woodard, Conductor