I am constantly impressed with the organizational aspects of Music Celebrations International (MCI). The concert venues are first rate and well attended. They are particularly good at the details that are too often overlooked. I am also pleasantly surprised at how fine the accommodations and food were while keeping within our budget. The food was way beyond what we expected.  We had approximately 120 at the first concert, 180 at the second,  over 200 at the third, and close to 300 at our final concert in Kaunas. All the audiences were fabulous, but Kaunas was enthusiastic beyond measure!  I cannot say enough about our local Tour Manager. Not only was she everything that one would expect, but she was friendly, funny, kind to the students, flexible, and easy to work with. What a marvelous human being, let alone tour guide!  It was wonderful working with you all again. 

Dr. Steven Thompson, Director
Bethel University Wind Symphony