“Too many tour highlights to mention! Suffice it to say that the PERFORMANCES, the primary REASON for our trip (!) went splendidly, with gratifying responses from the lovely Irish people and memories we’ll treasure forever! Our shared performance at St. Patrick’s Church of Ireland, organized so well by MCI, incorporated my three “musts” for this setting: 1) a lovely venue suitable for a positive performance, 2) a collaboration with a local group, and 3) a benefit for a worthwhile local charity to help propel our mission of SERVICE worldwide. ALL THREE CRITERIA were met in spades!

I cannot say enough “good” about our Ireland Tour Managers. They were warm, knowledgeable, efficient, well-coordinated (and willing to listen to our questions/requests). I’ve toured with other groups and they both get an “A-plus” on every level. In addition, they were superb on-the-ground liaisons with performance venue personnel, ensuring EVERY one of our requirements/needs were expertly handled. Truly exceptional professionals.

I ALWAYS tell others about our positive experiences with MCI! I can’t say enough for the professionalism and effective work of our MCI Team to ensure our experience was amazing. This is why I insisted we engage MCI to handle our trip – outstanding, timely and successful service! You deserve a LOT of credit for an outstanding performance tour.

Thank you MCI for your organization!”


Bill Colosimo, Director
Alexandria Singers