I can honestly say there was nothing on the itinerary that I wouldn’t personally do again.  Everything was necessary on the tour and made a difference in all our lives.  Our local Tour Manager was always attentive to the group needs, checked in with me every morning, and went over plans for the following day with me at dinner.  She was extraordinarily knowledgeable, friendly, and made plans for additional stops along our long drives that spoke to the interests of the group.  She was the heart of our tour!  Our performances were all memorable – St. Gile’s Cathedral, Stirling Castle Chapel Royal, and St. Andrew’s Cathedral were gorgeous and perfect for our ensembles.  The performance in St. Bride’s Church was the showstopper of the tour for us.  An awesome audience, in such a beautiful, well-loved space, and the energy from the audience was incredible.  My MCI Team was fantastic all around.  Everyone was highly communicative with me, flexible when I needed a little extra time, and constantly gave me personal attention as though I was the only director they were handling.  I can’t wait to work with MCI again soon!!!

Sadie Queally-Sammut, Director
St. Francis High School Band & Choir