This past summer, the Chicago Master Singers completed their tenth European concert tour under the auspices of Music Celebrations International. We, the ensemble, know that MCI is capable of designing superb tours of the sort we affectionately call “cookie cutter” tours: tried and true itineraries to favorite destinations, filled with great performance venues, hotels, sightseeing opportunities and superb escorts and guides. But we also have discovered that MCI is perfectly willing to work with directors and groups who, having more touring experience, wish to try something less standardized, more personalized, perhaps even more “risky.” Our tour had a bit of everything, beginning in the magical city of Salzburg, but immediately heading south to Carinthia (Austria), Slovenia and Croatia, not the “normal” destinations for American touring ensembles. As always, MCI provided a first-rate experience that our singers and friends will remember as our finest tour to date, with incomparable hotels (locations, views and amenities), the very finest performance venues in every city, first-rate tour escorts, unforgettable group dining experiences, perfect pacing and amazing weather (not always guaranteed by MCI). We are already well underway in planning our 2016 tour and, not surprisingly, we are working with our tour company of first and now only choice: Music Celebrations International. We cannot recommend them highly enough!

Alan Heatherington, Music Director: Chicago Master Singers