The rain in Spain (and Portugal) did, indeed, “stay mainly on the plain” for The CHORALE, a community chorus from the Champaign-Urbana, Illinois area. In fact, everything was just as advertised.  Our 35 singers, while enjoying the sights and sounds of this beautiful foreign country, were able to enjoy comfortable accommodations, food to die for (especially the breakfasts), exquisite venues, large, extremely enthusiastic audiences and a knowledgeable tour guide and bus driver who made us feel at home during our 10 day performing tour, giving service above and beyond!  The balance of singing and sight-seeing was perfect.  Though we occasionally found ourselves communicating with our Spanish and Portuguese hosts with a few commonly known words and hand signals, a kiss on the cheek and one on the hand spoke volumes to all of us. Many times, after our encores were exhausted, we had to end with a blessing, and they still stayed behind to talk and take photos!


It doesn’t take long to develop a family feeling for the folks at MCI.  They are professionals who get to know you and meet your needs with sensitivity and caring.  As a director, I always felt well supported by both my Spain/Portugal and MCI teams.  I would recommend these good folks for any tour.  Did I mention it was our fifth time with MCI?  Happy touring!

Julie Beyler, Director
Mahomet, IL