Liz Shoenfelt, director of the Shippensburg University Madrigal Singers, recently wrote us about her experience on tour last month to Germany and Austria as part of the American Celebration of Music in Europe concert series.

Shippensburg University Madrigal Singers at the Franziskanerkirche in Rothenburg

Shippensburg University Madrigal Singers at the Franziskanerkirche in Rothenburg

The Heiliggestkirche [in Heidelberg] was excellent venue, not much room to change, but it worked for our small group.  Great acoustics! Friendly music director.   

The recital in St. Jakob’s Church [in Rothenburg] was one of our favorite venues in which to sing because the acoustics were fantastic.  The cleaning ladies “shushed” us, though. They didn’t want us to sing, but the tourists loved us!

The concert in Franziskanerkirche [also in Rothenburg] had a good crowd and a wonderful minister who was SO friendly.  It’s a beautiful venue with great acoustics.  We loved singing here.




St. Michael's Church in Mondsee

St. Michael’s Church in Mondsee

It was wonderful to sing at St. Michael’s Church [in Mondsee], and we had plenty of space to change and had a FULL house for the concert.
Wieskirche was our FAVORITE venue!  It was the most beautiful church of all and had the best acoustics plus a big crowd of enthusiastic tourists and locals.  We loved the setting.

Shippensburg University Madrigal Singers

We loved her [Lana, the Tour Manager]! She was like family to us and looked out for me and for the students.  She really took our best interests to heart and made suggestions and changed based upon our needs and wants.


Our motorcoach driver Peter was an amazing driver!  You can’t even imagine the hairpin curves through tiny Alpine villages that he made with this huge bus!


Salzburg Cityscape

Salzburg Cityscape

Almost too many highlights to name!  We loved everywhere we sang and loved our tours.  We had a GREAT day in Rothenburg and loved Salzburg, but probably our favorite day was the last day.  The Weis church was our favorite, but our biggest highlight was singing spontaneously in the Singers Hall at Schloss Neuschwanstein.


Exceeded all expectations!

Elizabeth Shoenfelt, Choral Director
Shippensburg University
Shippensburg, Pennsylvania