The experience cannot adequately be summarized in words. From the hotel, to the clinic, museums, touring, and the performance, it was all truly a life changing experience. I am still in awe of what took place and my students and I are wishing that it did not ever end. The quality of this experience from day one has been nothing short of exceptional. You and your colleagues have provided us with all of the treatment of musical royalty and were flexible to tolerate both my payment situations, and my ever changing stage set up. I feel as though my musical associations have deepened and I now have more people in my circle which include Cutler, Dan, [and] Mara…I have never been part of a festival where I actually met the people who helped plan the event, that one, seemingly insignificant, piece was so important for us all, including the students.


Thank you again for providing first rate experiences for me and my students, memories that will not soon be forgotten. I hope that our ensemble was able to meet your standards and that the report around your office is a positive one. If you ever would like to involve us in another festival, please do not hesitate to contact me.


Thank you again for all of your work.


All my best,

Peter Lewis, Band Director
Quabbin Regional High School
Barre, Massachusetts