“Thank you so much for making our NY trip possible. It was a fantastic experience for everyone in our group!  The hotel was great, our meals were well-planned, the sightseeing schedule and pacing was perfect, and our local guide was PHENOMENAL.  He knew everything possible about NYC and his flow from one event/location to the next was spot-on.  I recommend him highly for every group.  The clinic was perfect and the performance at the Intrepid Air & Space Museum was great for our ensemble.  My MCI Team was great to work with.  I love knowing that you guys are LOCAL and ACCESSIBLE.  My favorite part of the tour was watching the kids as they experienced the Big Apple.  Their faces were in awe and they were completely into the whole experience.  The parent chaperones were definitely pleased with the experience and said multiple times that the trip was enjoyable and really well planned.  Thanks to Music Celebrations, all details were taken care of!!!  That was also one of my favorite things – you guys take care of each feature for every moment of the trip.  We are able to relax, have fun, and play music!  Let’s do it again!”


Julie Trent, Director
Hamilton High School