This was BY FAR the best band trip that I have taken. I had no complaints from anyone on the trip. I also had a retired band director on the trip with me that had been on so many band trip.s She also commented that this was the best trip that she had taken. The hotel was conveniently located and we really had not problems. We had a good variety in some restaurants that our group thoroughly enjoyed. We loved our tour manager, David. He was GREAT with our group. 


Perkins-Tryon High School Band performing at Pier 39

Our clinic at UC Berkeley was fantastic. I truly enjoyed being able to have that experience as part of our trip. Being able to do a clinic at Berkeley was a great experience for me as a conductor. The clinic was not only for the kids, but also for me with tips and suggestions that I could use to become a better conductor. 

Our performance at Pier 39 was also very enjoyable. I had many people approach me after the performance from other parts of the country and the world compliment our group. It means the world to me to know that our little group could bring the joy we brought to some of those people through our music. 

Pam Cartmell, Director
Perkins-Tryon High School Band
Perkins, OK