“This is the single most memorable event of my teaching career of 22 years. I have participated in parades in Europe and all over the US, but none compared to the experience of the National Memorial Day Parade in Washington, D.C. My students and I were overwhelmed with emotion as we approached the start of the parade. Once we turned the corner they marched with a sense of pride I have never experienced in my 11 years with this group. I have been in marching bands for 34 years, and the sense of pride we experienced by participating in this parade was second to none. The students experience at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier and Arlington National Cemetery left an indelible impression on them as to the sacrifice and cost for our freedoms. They were moved by the life stories at the Memorial Day Concert [Capitol Lawn] and sang along at the armed services tribute as we did the same recognition at our band concert the week before. The entire weekend was an amazing event for my students and me. Parents keep telling me about how their children are still talking about the trip. Thank you for all your time and assistance in making our trip possible.”


Daniel Zettlemoyer, Director