3 concerts. 2 cities. 1 low price.

Ever wanted to take a music ensemble to Europe, but could never come up with the funds?

Now you can.

Music Celebrations International is enormously pleased to announce it has purchased Q Events and Destination Management in Zurich, Switzerland – Europe’s premier incoming travel firm. The purchase of Q Events allows full quality control of the complete concert tour product from the very beginning to successful conclusion.

There is no other concert tour operator in the United States that completely controls the entire product.

With this new acquisition, we are now able to offer:

  •         Lower-cost Europe concert tours starting in 2015
  •         An easier tour planning process
  •         More preview tours to Europe for directors
  •         More flexible tour offerings


This means we are also able to present brand-new shorter European concert tours that are even more affordable as well as life-changing.

3 concerts. 2 cities. 1 low price. Click here for more details.