Participation in the service at Old North Church was particularly inspiring. Coordinating needs between our group and the church were intense, but Libor Dudas greeted us, spot-checked and coordinated with us superbly. Once we were in the service, our time was holy. We felt inspired and received high praise from the choir and the parishioners. The historical presentation after the service was much appreciated as was the reception after the presentation. The sanctuary at Arlington Street Church is beautiful – and a Steinway grand for performance as well as warm-up is wonderful! 

Victor, the tour manger, was a delight. We thoroughly enjoyed his vast knowledge and appreciated his many thoughtful gestures. He related well to all members of our group and went out of his way to capture meaningul moments for us and adapt to the subtle needs of touring and coordinating performances. You could not have a better representative of what your company is attempting to do than Victor. 


Naperville Men’s Glee Club in Boston

The sightseeing was excellent. The choices were good. We felt we at least looked at all the important places and were able to experience personally a reasonable amount. I think we will remember this tour as a very special moment in the fellowship and musicianship of our group. You facilitated moments to experience things together, get to know each other better, and help us connect with a different part of the country. 

Bonnie Roberts, Director
Naperville Men’s Glee Club
Naperville, IL