“On every count, the experience was everything and more than we could ever have imagined or anticipated.  The wondrous lands, sublime music, and lingering memories of everything good will forever remain cherished in our minds and hearts.  The MCI Staff were the absolute best!  No detail was overlooked.  Constant communication and updates to itinerary were very helpful.  The courtesy and patience of the MCI staff was indeed special.  At no time did anyone “brush off” our concerns, frustrations, or fears.  They made the entire experience something only others in their industry could even begin to accomplish.  From the smallest detail to seemingly overwhelming procedures and requirements, nothing threw this group of talented, dedicated professionals off track.  We are so fortunate to work with such an informed and friendly staff.  


The highlight that will forever remain in my memory is being able to see the wondrous expressions of joy and awe-struck deep emotion emanating from the singers.  The majority of the choir have never had the opportunity to see,  much less perform in such historic and stunningly-beautiful venues.  Their faces lit up as they made their way through the beautiful music chosen for our tour.  Their hearts and souls came alive at the first reverberant sound their voices made and ears heard.  That expression translates to sheer joy and ultimate satisfaction for this director. It was a dream come true for me and it will never be erased.  Equally, being able to literally” live”  for almost two weeks with such a wonderful group of group of people and tour partners and share the gift of music,  laughter, tears, and talk about ordinary life is indeed a rare and special privilege.”


Cliff Schultz, Director

Loveland Choral Society