Thank you for your patience, flexibility and guidance throughout the tour planning process. We all had a marvelous time in San Francisco.
Our hotel was great and we spent many hours down on Pier 39. The retirement home was the perfect warmup for our first performance. The Grace Cathedral concert was a memorable experience. We fell in love with Dr. Soloman and her clinic was first class. What an educator! Michael (the tour guide) was a perfect gentleman throughout the time with him and he consistently squeezed in additional sites or experiences that were not on our original itinerary. We all thought he was a walking encyclopedia of the history of San Francisco. We also enjoyed singing at the Science Center and had a pretty good sized audience by the time we finished.
Thank you again for helping us with such a positive tour experience.
Dr. Lynn Brinckmeyer, Director
Hill Country Youth Chorus
San Marcos, TX

Hill Country Youth Chorus at the Golden Gate Bridge


Hill Country Youth Chorus at City Hall in San Francisco


Hill Country Youth Chorus at Grace Cathedral in San Francisco