Germany has produced more music and greater composers than any country in Europe. Early influences included the Meistersingers who introduced polyphonic music and Martin Luther who helped church music develop an individual identity which gave rise to the German cantata and oratorio.



From these 13th and 14th century beginnings, music developed in its highest forms under Bach, Handel, Gluck, Beethoven, von Weber, Mendelssohn, Brahms, Wagner, Mahler, Strauss and scores of other great composers.

The American Celebration of Music in Germany offers participants concert experiences in churches, concert halls, music academies, universities, and other festival settings. This is not only a sharing of music but a grand opportunity to absorb and appreciate the background of the music and great composers on their own turf. Museums, exhibitions, concerts, and churches all illustrate the challenges and development of music and composition.

Imagine your musicians performing in a venue associated with Luther, Bach, Handel, Mendelssohn, Brahms or Pachelbel! The musical experience is enhanced by other sensory experiences and the fact that Germany boasts incredible scenery, art, architecture, and a rich history. Berlin, Munich, Heidelberg, Rothenburg, Cologne, Leipzig, Dresden, Weimar and other major cities illustrate the diversity of experiences that await festival participants.

Because of Germany’s central European location, it is easy to combine visits to other countries such as Austria, Hungary, Czech Republic, Switzerland, France, Netherlands, Belgium, Poland and many more with participation in the American Celebration of Music in Germany.


I am greatly impressed and grateful to MCI for being able to put together a tour based on my itinerary and at a convenient time for the Calgary Youth Orchestra. The places we visited or performed in such as Berlin, Leipzig, Weimar, Bayreuth, Halle, and so on, were closely connected to each composer that we performed on the tour, and therefore the music really resonated with the students and with the audiences.

Edmond Agopian, Conductor
Calgary Youth Orchestra
Calgary, Alberta

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