Chamber Chorus’ European Concert Tour (Austria) was the trip of a lifetime! Music Celebrations International (MCI) knocked it out of the park! Thrilled with the execution of the tour. Would do it all again in a heartbeat. Traveler feedback was strong and it was the trip of a life time that I’ve been planning for over 4 years. MCI worked with me to design a custom itinerary that explored the theme of “beauty” on our tour — beautiful, indeed. Guided sightseeing was always well coordinated. All guides were knowledgeable and kind. Pacing of the trip was excellent. Our local Tour Manager was by far the highlight element of the tour. She is the strongest that I have worked with in 10 years. She demonstrated constant joy, flexibility, assertiveness, fun, calmness. Her interpersonal skills are most refined and were well executed across all mediums. She provided space when needed and support when appropriate. We worked very well together communicating details clearly and often. We all agreed that we would travel more often if we could always be under her direction. Her execution and planning were an essential part of our experience.

Performing in Vienna’s Karlskirche was the Musical Highlight of the whole trip. Helmut (MCI’s local Concert Manager) was kind in receiving us. Absolutely packed audience with every seat full! I gave my spoken program notes in German and the audience absolutely ate that up. It was a true joy to be able to connect with them in their native spoken language and then transcend that with our music. We received a double encore, which I did not expect at all, but was grateful to oblige!

MCI’s hospitality, attention to detail, and personalization makes me feel like a valued business partner and not another project. I feel very comfortable and trusting with MCI.

Daniel Watson, Director