The Corvallis First Presbyterian Church Chancel Choir recently returned from touring Germany, performing in the Luther 2017 Choral Festival in the Berliner Dom. Read what Carol Nelson reports:


“Music Celebrations International [MCI] is MY company! I just returned from my 8th tour with MCI (3 tours with my Church Choir and 5 tours with my Children’s Choir). My experience with MCI began with my children’s choir over 14 years ago. When I became director of music at Corvallis First Presbyterian Church, I thought the choir could use a challenge. We have all been tremendously pleased with our touring experiences with MCI. The Corvallis First Presbyterian Church Chancel Choir has traveled to Austria (2013) to perform in the Salzburg Choral Festival, to Washington, DC (2015) to perform in the National Memorial Day Choral Festival in the Kennedy Center, and most recently to Germany (2017), where our singers and tour participants were thrilled with touring “Luther Land” and performing in the beautiful Berliner Dom as part of the magnificent Luther 2017 Festival Chorus, commemorating 500 Years of Reformation!


MCI strikes the perfect balance between cultural, historical, and musical immersion while on tour. The venues have been world-class, the festival repertoire has been incredible, and we have learned so much from wonderful Festival Artistic Directors. Touring, guides, meals, accommodations, etc., have also been excellent. I highly recommend taking your church choir on tour with Music Celebrations for a fabulous experience!”


Carol Nelson, Director
Corvallis First Presbyterian Church