We have never had a tour guide before and he did very well. He certainly knows almost everything about San Francisco. He was courteous and personable. I liked working with him. He was also able to adjust the schedule when required. The tour that David gave us helped us to see far more of the city than we could ever have done without him. It was a very positive addition to the trip. The clinic with Magen Solomon was wonderful! She hit on very worthwhile things about the pieces we were singing and had certainly done her detailed preparation. All agreed that the time with Magen Solomon was the highlight of the music making. One piece I was certain she did not know in advance, but I saw her notes in preparation. I would want her for another group any time. Mass at Mission Dolores was a wonderful place to sing. The acoustic is spectacular.

Brian Trevor, Choir Director
Glendora High School
Glendora, CA