The history of music in the Czech region is one of diversity and influence. From the choral compositions of Svatý Řehoř, or Saint Gregory, whose works led us to the term Gregorian Chant, to Bedřich Smetana’s nationalistic symphonic poems, to Antonín Dvořák’s infusion of Bohemian folk melodies and gypsy rhythms into some of the most prodigious Romantic-era works, through Leoš Janáček’s neo-romantic musical assimilation of folk tunes and speech-derived melodic lines, the Smetana-900x600music produced in this region has offered a rich cultural significance to humanity.

Beethoven, Mozart, Vivaldi, Gluck, Tchaikovsky, and Mahler, were among the many working artists from across the European continent to visit Prague in order to draw inspiration from this musical Mecca, as well as seek fame by having their works premiered before the shrewd musical public in this great center of European musical life.

Smetana_02-900x600The Prague Choral Celebration: A Trio of Te Deums will celebrate this great heritage of Czech musical inspiration.  This choral festival will take place June 27-July 1, 2016, and will feature a large chorus consisting of individual singers and mixed-voice choirs.  Three days of rehearsals under the baton of esteemed choral conductor Dr. William Skoog, Director of Choral Studies at Rhodes College will culminate in a grand performance at the stunning Smetana Hall at the Municipal House – home of the Prague Symphony Orchestra.  The chorus will perform outstanding choral works by Dvořák, Rutter, Brubeck, and more.

For more information, please visit the festival website. We look forward to seeing you and celebrating Czech choral heritage in Prague!