In 2013, MCI purchased one of Europe’s leading travel hospitality companies which now handles all of our European logistical arrangements.  We have offices in both Zurich and Prague, and the CEO of both offices has expressed his feelings regarding the horrible incident that took place in Brussels this morning.  The following is his response:

Dear MCI Colleagues,


My colleagues in Zurich and Prague join with you in solidarity as we strongly condemn the cowardly acts of terrorism in Brussels earlier today.


At the same time, we know of concerns for MCI clients currently traveling, and those who will travel to Europe in the near future. We have checked with all MCI groups in Europe now, and, are happy to report that they are all doing fine – and, that their sightseeing, educational activities, and concerts are all taking place as planned and without interruption.


Q Events and Destination Management continue to vigilantly monitor situations which could impact the safety of MCI clients all over Europe. As you know, we recently have diverted concert tours from Belgium to other, nearby countries, out of concern for potential acts in this country – a concern which has unfortunately played out today.


We know that security forces everywhere in Europe are on heightened alert. Safety for tourists is a high priority because Europe desperately wants and needs the tourist trade.


We will continue to monitor the situation in every destination of importance to MCI clients. Our expert and experienced Tour Managers, our local offices, our local concert organizers, our chartered bus transportation offices are all carefully checking local and national briefings and/or any warnings.


I remind you that for 25 years, MCI has never had a client in harm’s way – and we have taken every precaution to make adjustments or slight changes to itineraries as necessitated by conditions; and these have been changes that have not affected the enjoyment or denial of access to the very cultural treasures in Europe that MCI clients have come to experience.


Let us all resolve that these cowards will not dictate the way we live – or deny us the incredible educational or musical experiences we have anticipated and planned for. At the same time, rest assured that we will continue our efforts to monitor and advise and prevent any MCI client from coming into harm’s way, or missing the educational or musical opportunities of a lifetime they have worked so hard to experience.


Miroslav Bauer, CEO
Q Events & Destination Management