Toronto is the largest of Canada’s vibrant urban cities. It is the hub of the nation’s commercial, financial, industrial, and cultural life, and is the capital of the Province of Ontario.



The city dates back to 1793, when the British founded the Town of York on what then was the Upper Canadian frontier. That backwoods village grew to become the city of Toronto in 1834, and through its subsequent evolution and expansion Toronto has emerged as one of the most liveable and multicultural urban places in the world today.

The cultural ties between Canada and the United States are strong. Concerts by visiting American groups and other events serve to strengthen those bonds that celebrate our collaboration dating back to the American Revolutionary War and extending up to present day – not only military but also economic cooperation. The influences of both the United States and Europe blend together in a fascinating cultural tapestry that provides your performing group with a tour filled with lasting memories.

Your concert tour will truly be enriched with the surroundings of history, architecture, and beauty that is best experienced “first hand.” Participation in the American Celebration of Music in Canada can make this happen for you and your touring ensemble!



MCI does a tremendous job of making sure that each and every single member of a tour has a wonderfully successful time on their tour. This attention to detail and making everything right is truly what separates Music Celebrations International from all other tour companies. Thank you again to you and your incredible staff for making such a tremendous difference in the lives of Hinsdale Central’s students and families. They were given an opportunity of a lifetime thanks to you and your staff’s hard work.

Jeffrey Wirtz, Orchestra Director
Hinsdale Central High School
Hinsdale, Illinois

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