Under the direction of Kye-Won Kopko, the West Potomac High School Choir embarked on a customized ten day tour throughout Austria and the Czech Republic. Highlights of their tour included performing in Vienna’s Karlskirche, Mondsee’s St. Michael’s (Sound of Music wedding scene!) and Prague’s St. Nicholas Church as part of the American Celebration of Music concert series. Read what Director Kye-Won Kopko had to say about her tour:

I cannot give a higher recommendation to MCI!  Everything from A to Z was effortless, professional, and top notch.  Starting with my Preview Tour, which proved to be invaluable, I became true friends with the Tour Managers and fellow conductors on the trip.  The MCI staff were so patient, informative, and highly organized.  Every document that came across my desk was clear and accurate.  The European Tour Manager was incredibly helpful in knowing which venues would be best for my groups and he delivered.  I don’t know what kind of marketing they do for us in Europe, but EVERY concert was standing room only.  The audiences were so excited to have us there!  The sightseeing trips were relevant and worth every penny.  Our tour guide was always thinking 2 steps ahead of the rest of us, problem solving before we even knew there was anything to think about.  We did not experience one hitch the entire trip.  My singers and parents kept commenting on how we should do this trip every year, because every penny was well spent.  There is no question that all of my future trips will only be through MCI!

Kye-Won Kopko

Director of Choral Activities

West Potomac High School