“This was an unforgettable trip. This trip was such a pleasure. Truly the best I have undertaken (and this was my seventh European trip) in terms of venues, performances, history, education, happiness, food, bus…..everything. My student’s lives were changed all for the better, and we are a better choir and better choral community for the many experiences.

The recital in the Sistine Chapel was perfect, and the opportunity of a lifetime. Almost to a student, this was the highlight for each one. Personally, this was one of the true highlights of all my tours.

The Concert in S. Maria Sopra Minerva was wonderful. The acoustic is so lush, the lighting is great and the history of the church is amazing. For some of my students, this concert was even more important than the Sistine Chapel.

My thanks to all who made this tour the success that it was, from our Italian Tour Escort, to our local guides, MCI’s dedicated Concert Manager in Rome, and of course my “MCI Team”. I love all the helpful and caring folks at Music Celebrations International”


Dr. Jamie Spillane, Director
UConn Choirs