"Our tour to Holland, Belgium and France was fantastic – the guided tours, the coach driver, our tour guide, and the performance venues…..all of it was great! My MCI Team was very professional and very responsive to any and all concerns and questions that I had. The highlights were performing in amazing venues, exploring the historic city centers of Bruges and Alkmaar, talking with grateful audiences, and spending precious time with students. Thank you for allowing my students to have these memories. I can’t even imagine how big their world became because of this tour. You absolutely changed their futures. You gave all of us (myself included) some once-in-a-lifetime moments that will energize our choir and music program until our next international trip. We sang in Notre Dame in Paris! I mean, how many people can ever say that!? I’m grateful that my friend, Jamie Spillane, turned me on to MCI!"

Dr. Christopher Larsen, Director
Ohio Northern University Choir

Music Celebrations