"It was an excellent trip. How do I know? – the singers were crying last night of the tour as they said their good-byes. They have bonded and were sad to leave. The families were tearful as they listened to their singers sing “Blessing”, one last time. It was a good trip.

My goals were:

1) Have the singers perform in some glorious spaces. GOAL was MET
2) The singers experience life in another country – the food, the culture, the lifestyle. MET
3) The singers learn about the history of the places they visited, making their World History classes of the future come to life because they have been there. MET
4) The singers would grow musically from the experience of singing 5 concerts in 8 days, and would grow personally from the experience of travel in another country. MET
5) The families would see the value of performance and travel for their singers. MET

Several families said they would do the trip again in a heartbeat! ! ! I am so glad that I chose MCI as our agent for this trip. Thank you!"


Judy Britts, Director

Music Celebrations