“As always, thank you so much for your help – we enjoy working with MCI so much and appreciate you all!   We have absolutely missed traveling with the band throughout the pandemic and it was so refreshing to get back to it.  It’s amazing what these trips do for the Ludington Band Program as a whole. We both have seen what these experiences do for the band students individually, but for the program, it changes everything for the better. It’s always amazing to me the difference in the group on the way home, it’s like we bring back a completely different band. I can’t state enough the positive impact these trips have on this program.  Performing at the Field Museum of Natural History was amazing. We always love playing here and can’t say enough about how fantastic it is. The kids were in awe of the sound in the room and overall, it was a great performance. This is always one of our favorite venues to perform at. I always love the awe on the students’ faces, and it makes everything worth it, because it’s providing an experience to our kids that will never be forgotten.  They talk about the trips for years down the road.”

Keith & Amanda Kuczynski, Ludington High School Band