The Southwest Michigan Chorale (combination of singers from St. Joseph United Methodist Church and the Southwestern Michigan College) represented Michigan as they toured Ireland and performed in the American Celebration of Music concert series. Jim Kraus reports:


“We had such a great trip – the buzz here has continued to the point that I need to start the ball rolling for another trip soon. I’ve had several from the community who have heard of how great the trip was and they are now wondering when we will take another trip! We had rich musical, historical and cultural experiences.


I felt that I was supported through the whole process from planning the trip to taking the tour. The success of this trip was a product of working with my exceptional MCI Team. Their considerate advising and suggestions all added to helping me and Dave, the other director, make the best choices for the trip and concerts. I must thank them for their help and patience in guiding me towards the trip, the itinerary, our program (which was a hit) and through my many questions and details. This was a great trip – basically my whole choir and additional travelers all felt it was wonderful.


Thank you to each one of you for helping me and the chorale have such a wonderful experience. The trip was exceptional. We will use MCI for our next trip. We were well cared for all along the way.”


Jim Kraus, Director
St. Joseph United Methodist Church