Sun-scorched plains, glorious beaches, and awe-inspiring sunsets are part and parcel of a trip to South Africa. From deserted canyons, gorgeous lakes, and lush green landscapes, to the enigmatic super-cities of Johannesburg and Cape Town, South Africa claws at the imagination and strums at the heartstrings for an exciting performance tour.



The country has an abundance of natural beauty and a diverse range of flora and fauna, including those few animals that have captured humans’ imaginations in all corners of the globe: lions, zebras, cheetahs, and rhinos.

A concert tour to South Africa is an incredibly diverse experience, and could include a sustainable safari, a stay at a rural lodge, or even mountain-trekking. In Cape Town, a visit to the South African Museum, with its world-famous Bushman exhibits, is a must. Also, a tour of the District Six Museum, which in 1966 was declared a white area under the Group areas Act of 1950, takes visitors back to the dark area of apartheid that tainted the country. 60,000 people were forcibly removed to barren outlying areas known as the Cape Flats, and their houses in District Six were flattened by bulldozers. A visit to Robben Island, the imprisoned home to Nelson Mandela for 18 years, is also a somber reminder of the country’s dark past. A day trip to the Cape of Good Hope, the majestic meeting place of the Indian and Atlantic oceans, is a sight to behold.

No matter where you are in South Africa, its musical heritage is never far away. Music tours can be found at many major vineyards, offering pairings of locally-produced wines set against complementary seasonal music. Visitors may experience South Africa’s traditional Gospel music, neo-traditional African music, and the deep basslines and tantalizing rhythms of Kwaito – a genre of house music endemic and unique to the country. Visitors could also indulge in a concert of the Soweto String Quartet, with classically-trained musicians bringing their own fresh approach to time-honored classical genres. The calendar around the country is packed with sensational music events: the Macufe Festival of African Arts, the Cape Classic, and the South African Choral Festival are all recipes for a fantastic African musical experience.

All in all, South Africa is a fantastic and unique option for a concert tour – packed with both highly musical, historical, and cultural experiences.

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