San Diego is world-famous for its beautiful beaches, vibrant sealife and charming downtown.


The National Festival of the States is an annual concert series developed by Music Celebrations in various cities throughout the United States. These performance tours are supported by local government offices, community organizations, tourist boards, and the like. Such affiliations offer a more memorable musical, cultural and educational experience for recommended ensembles (both instrumental and vocal) to perform in different venues in the most historic cities and celebrate the founding, history, and institutions of the United States! Music Celebrations has been successfully organizing the National Festival of the States concert series for over 20 years.

San Diego is world-famous for its beautiful beaches, vibrant sea life and charming downtown. With its almost perfect year-round weather, you will find no shortage of things to do in the sun such as enjoying a harbor cruise, getting up close with wildlife at SeaWorld or San Diego Zoo, and strolling quaint seaside communities along the coast.

Participating ensembles in the National Festival of the States are chosen on the basis of recommendation from state and national music educators, governors’ and senators’ offices and by audition. Selected groups perform in prestigious venues with maximum audience potential.

Everyone should experience San Diego – and the best performing groups can, through the expertise of Music Celebrations International!






Michelle Brody, Orchestra Director Mike Jones, Choir Director Greendale High School

“A great trip for the students, chaperones, and the directors. An amazing experience that we will all remember! Quite honestly, it was the one of best trips I’ve taken with kids. Being a part of the magic of Disney for two days was a huge highlight for all of us. The San Diego Zoo was a great way to end it! Spending two days at the parks was a great idea, and the days in San Diego were amazing.- Mission Beach was a great change of pace after three insanely busy days of LA/Disneyland – so placing this day after those ended up being an amazing idea in hindsight. Our MCI Team was fantastic and super helpful. Happy to serve as a reference!”

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