The Corning-Painted Post High School Choir performed throughout Hawaii as part of the National Festival of the States Concert Series. Read what director, Judy Harriman, had to say about her experience:


“Our first tour with MCI was a very rewarding experience. All interactions with our MCI Team were WONDERFUL!!! Everyone always responded quickly, had a lot of patience if we had issues, and made sure we were well taken care of. They met our every need above and beyond. Love this company!!!


Sightseeing was a great experience, the students learned a lot and overall were very satisfied!! Our local guide, Pam, was excellent! Knowledgeable, friendly, patient and very accommodating! Pearl Harbor was a major highlight. This visit never ceases to amaze me…it’s a humbling experience for all of us. The performers enjoyed the clinic with Miguel Felipe at the University of Hawaii School of Music. He was hysterical and so entertaining!! The students, directors and chaperones immensely enjoyed his style of teaching and sense of humor. The performers really loved every venue. Our expectations were met and we’re in the process of planning our return trip in 2018 or 2019.”


Nancy Brackley, Tour Coordinator
Judy Harriman-Carlson, Director
Corning-Painted Post High School