Poland, about the size of New Mexico, has been one of the fastest countries to rebound from the many years of Soviet domination during the Cold War. Visitors are speechless when they step into Krakow’s vibrant main square or Warsaw’s colorful Old Town.



Poland has some breathtaking medieval towns that show off its warm and welcoming people, dynamic history, and striding-into-the-future optimism.

Poland is known for producing some of the world’s great intellectuals, humanists, and musicians. These include Karol Wojtyla (the late and great Pope John Paul II), Mikolaj Kopernik (Nicolas Copernicus), Teodor Józef Korzeniowski (the author Joseph Conrad), composers Fryderyk Chopin, Krzysztof Penderecki, and Henryk Górecki, and the scientist Marie Curie (nee Sklodowska), to name a few.

Poland is historically pro-American. Of course, their big neighbors (Russia and Germany) have been their historic enemies. In 1989, when Poland finally won its freedom, many Poles only half-joked that they should apply to become the 51st state of the United States!

Imagine your choir singing in St. Mary’s Cathedral on Krakow’s main square or perhaps in the cathedral in Wawel Castle. In Wroclaw (formerly the German city of Breslau) or in Poznan, many churches, cathedrals and concert halls await visiting ensembles.


St. Katherine’s church in Krakow was an incredible venue with acoustics that sent chills through our musicians and fueled the passion for an awesome performance.  The Poles were amazed at the talent before them, so contrary to what most think about Las Vegas!  Thanks to MCI the concert was “standing room only”. The students were honored to have a standing ovation & gladly gave the audience an encore!  Truly a memorable and wonderful tour.

Bev Patton, Executive Director
Las Vegas Youth Orchestras
Las Vegas, Nevada

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