Dear Friends,

On behalf of all of us at Music Celebrations International, I want to reach out to you—our colleagues, and clients—truly in my heart, our friends and family. As a family-owned business, we share our thoughts and prayers for all of you. We are all impacted similarly with the uncertainty of our times. We too are experiencing some level of anxiety and fear of what is unknown in the present and in the future. With all that we do not know, we are certain three things will remain a constant: where words fail, music will continue to speak, music will be the constant that changes the world, and MCI will be here with you and with generations to come. We will come through this together.

Here at MCI we continue to be very busy. We are striving to serve you with the level of excellence all of you have come to know are hallmarks of our partnerships. Our focus has shifted. While we presently are no longer on the ground with you at festivals, concerts, and other musical events, we are here in Arizona, inspiring confidence through our customer service, as we navigate solutions for each of you. Our industry experience, agility and financial strength are allowing us to weather this storm, as we continue to adjust to what the day will hold. Our teams are as agile, creative, and quick to come up with a solution as they are with you while on tour!

As a young child, I was a serious music student, and I learned the value of preparing for a performance. I was afforded opportunities to travel and perform in great venues, and it was that combination that made me a better musician, better father, better human being for the experience. These experiences became a reality of my daily life, and is one of the reasons I founded Music Celebrations International. These lessons of preparing and striving for excellence are what will carry MCI, and you, our friends and family, through this challenging time.

We applaud you in all you are doing to continue in your settings; “remote” teaching and learning, creating curriculums, and using your gifts and skills to be with your musicians in new and innovative ways. Our offices are open, and will remain open, whether we do so in our home office, or we move to a model of working remotely around the world.

We will be spending a great deal of our time staying connected to you, reaching out to you, and doing everything we can do to support you. We will also be creating new and exciting festivals and beautifully-crafted customized travel and musical experiences with you on our minds and in our hearts. You will travel again, and we will be there by your side.

I believe that music is one of the few constants in the world, and that it really is the universal language that speaks to every culture and every time in history. The music will continue, and Music Celebrations International will continue as well.  Please feel invited to reach out to us at any time. We need to hear your voices as well as your innovative and hopeful ideas for the future. All of us will be stronger for our connections, one to another. We remain grateful to have each of you connected to MCI—Concert Tours with Integrity.

John Wiscombe, President
Music Celebrations International

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