John Knox, a Scottish religious reformer, is widely regarded as the father of the Protestant Reformation in Scotland. Knox would lead the Parliament of Scotland to embrace the Reformation in 1560.



Through Knox’s influence, The Church of Scotland was eventually reformed along Presbyterian lines, to become the national, established Church of Scotland. Modern Presbyterianism traces its institutional roots back to the Scottish Reformation. In fact, most reformed churches who can trace their history back to Britain are either Presbyterian or Congregationalist in government. The influence of John Knox’s life and teaches are incalculable.

Music Celebrations International is pleased to create stimulating performance tour itineraries that highlight the Presbyterian Heritage in Scotland and the life of John Knox. Scotland offers wonderful performance opportunities for Presbyterian Church Choirs. This Musical Heritage Tour, designed to take choirs to the places of significance in John Knox’s life, is enhanced by other sensory experiences and the fact that Scotland boasts incredible scenery, art, architecture, and a rich history. Your ensemble will have the opportunity to participate and perform in the American Celebration of Music concert series, which honors both past and present musical heritage produced so prominently in Scotland and Britain. We look forward to working with you and customizing the perfect itinerary as your choir walks In the Footsteps of John Knox!

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