You know all the benefits of a European concert tour.  Maybe you went on one while in college, or you’ve heard from your colleagues about their remarkable life-changing experiences.  Or, you used to plan them all the time before switching to a new school or position where it just doesn’t seem financially feasible.  Perhaps you are simply afraid to give it a shot, because it seems like such a far-off idea and seemingly impossible to pull off. Do you think the cost is too high and you would not come up with the funds? Now it’s possible.  We call it our 3-2-1 solution.

3 concerts. 2 cities. 1 low price.

Each tour is a 7- or 8-day experience, visiting two remarkable cities (Rome and Florence! Salzburg and Vienna! London and Stratford!), with highly-publicized performances in two of Europe’s premier venues, and all for a price that’s affordable for even the most stingy of performers, parents, administrators, or boards. An overseas concert tour experience doesn’t have to be three weeks long in order to perform in some of Europe’s most spectacular venues, reap the life- and ensemble-changing benefits of traveling to the “Old World, and return home with thrilling and emotional memories.  The 3-2-1 solution does it all.

Even better, when you register your ensemble for a 2017 tour you’re qualified to join one of our free preview tours for music directors during the summer of 2016.

Follow the images below for more information on each destination, based on 2017 rates, or contact us here for multiple destinations. Costs do not include airfare (as that differs greatly by airport and time of year), but if you’d like a specific quote for your group for a destination let us know.