We are excited to have received wonderful feedback from Winter Wang, tour coordinator for the Houston Festival Chorale of Houston Texas, about their recent tour to Austria. They performed for enthusiastic audiences in Salzburg, Mondsee, Giesshuebl, and Vienna. Congratulations all on a wonderfully successful trip!

b49a63f654c3958ec66c1b9389435c60Our heartfelt gratitude to you for making this most memorable musical journey in our life time! Without your great efforts and hard work, we wouldn’t have even thought about a trip like this! You made all our dreams come true! We will thank you for the rest of our lives! “All our concerts were great successes and the trip was lots of fun. Everyone at MCI tried their best to help us – without you all, we wouldn’t have made such achievement. Our special thanks go to Shari, Mara, Helmut, and Jared – they made our success possible. Our performance at the Karlskirche was the highlight of the entire trip! It was most successful and memorable, and beyond everyone’s expectation, simply overwhelming!  Thanks to the hard work of Helmut, there were over 300 in the audience and about 100 chairs were added. Some people were refused the entrance, for the church was full. The reaction from the audience was overwhelming and we received long applause and standing ovation. Without all the efforts from Helmut, we wouldn’t have achieved so much! Everyone had a great time! We all know that we wouldn’t have had such a wonderful trip without all your hard work – so please accept our heartfelt gratitude and appreciation for all you have done for us!”

Winter Wang, Tour Coordinator
Houston Festival Chorale

(Header Image Photo Credit: Photo Credit: Leopold Buchner, Gießhübl)