The thrill of an international tour with your ensemble is undeniable. It’s an experience that shapes artists and memories that last a lifetime. It can also make your ensemble and community uneasy if they have never done it before.

So, if you are finding yourself having to take a step back and explore your own backyard first, domestic travel still offers invaluable benefits for your ensemble that can make your eventual global debut even more enriching.

Below are 5 things that you can benefit from by going domestic before you go abroad.

1. Building Ensemble Cohesion:

Domestic travel provides the perfect opportunity to strengthen the bonds within your group. Spending extended periods on the road together, whether it’s a weekend trip to a nearby city or a week-long camping adventure, fosters a sense of camaraderie and shared experience that translates directly to your onstage performances.


2. Refining Your Performance:

Hitting the road domestically allows you to test your performance chops in unfamiliar settings. Different acoustics, audience demographics, and even travel fatigue can present unexpected challenges that force you to adapt and refine your musical delivery. This adaptability will serve you well when navigating the diverse cultural landscapes of international travel.


3. Logistics and Budget Planning:

Domestic travel offers a low-stakes training ground for the logistical hurdles you’ll face abroad. From navigating transportation and accommodation to budgeting for meals and incidentals, these domestic experiences provide valuable practice in planning, problem-solving, and working together as a team.

4. Discovering Hidden Gems:

Your own country is brimming with cultural treasures waiting to be discovered. Immerse yourselves in vibrant local music scenes and explore historic landmarks. These experiences broaden your artistic horizons and add depth to your personal experiences.


5. Building Trust with your group and community:

Domestic travel allows for a great stepping stone to international locations, especially when it comes to building trust with your group, and their families. Why not plan something a little closer to home to try things out and get an idea of the logistics and budgets for travel and performances before going on a larger scale, further from home? This especially rings true for student ensembles – where trying to get everyone on board may be easier when it’s a few states away versus a country.

Remember, the journey is just as important as the destination. So, if you are worried about setting your sights on distant shores, why not embrace the magic of domestic travel. It’s an investment in your ensemble’s growth, building trust within your community and future international success.

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