Referred to as the “Switzerland” of Central America, Costa Rica is known worldwide for its stable democracy, utterly peaceful country, genuine hospitality, and pioneering conservation efforts – all of which has attracted millions of travelers to explore the country’s remarkable parks and nature reserves.



According to the Happy Planet Index compiled by the New Economics Foundation, Costa Rica tops the ranks as the “happiest” country in the world based upon global data of life expectancy provided by the Gallup World Poll, as well as life expectancy figures provided by United Nations Human Development Report.

Over the past 30 years, Costa Rica has developed a unique infrastructure that allows visitors of all ages to enjoy the country’s natural exuberance through a variety of thrilling, adrenaline-rising, yet safe activities including zip-lining through the tropical forest canopy, canyoning secluded waterfalls, rafting down pristine rivers, hiking to active volcanoes, and kayaking and canoeing on rivers, lakes and both the Caribbean and Pacific Oceans. This increasingly diverse lifestyle has also helped fuel a surging interest in western classical music, which helps to draw large and enthusiastic audiences wherever visiting touring ensembles perform.



MCI made the trip planning experience (a part about which I was nervous as a new orchestra director) so easy and stress-free. I think they really understand the needs of performance groups and I appreciated the emphasis on performances and musical opportunities. On my students’ end-of-year reflections, the trip was consistently one of the highlights of the year!

Veronica Allen, Orchestra Director
Walter Williams High School
Burlington, North Carolina

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