“The Cherry Hill High School East Symphony Orchestra had the privilege of performing with your organization at the Kennedy Center Presidents Day Orchestra Festival in 2017, and the Viennese Masters Orchestra Invitational this past June 2019. We were excited to return to the Kennedy Center Presidents Day Festival this February 2020. These events provided the opportunity for our students to perform in international-level venues facilitated by the absolutely best possible organization that we could work with. From planning to performance, everyone at Music Celebrations International worked with our orchestra to provide superior concert experiences for our students and staff. The level of artistry of the ensembles and the gracious professionalism of MCI are so very appreciated. We look forward to future events with Music Celebrations International.

We are not surprised at the integrity and compassion by which you are providing solutions for your clients dealing with the current crises. We were fortunate to be able to perform at the Kennedy Center event before this began. Our hearts go out to your other clients and your organization as you navigate this difficult time in history. Our thoughts and best wishes to them and everyone at MCI.”

Timothy Keleher
Cherry Hill High School East Symphony Orchestra Director