Poland Catholic Choral Pilgrimages

Listed by UNESCO in 1978 as one of the 12 great historic cities of the world, Krakow, once the nation’s capital, represents a great repository of Polish history, art and architecture. Today Krakow’s fine towers, facades, and churches illustrate seven centuries of Polish architecture, make it a major attraction for visitors.



The Catholic Church has played an important religious, cultural and political role in the country of Poland. Here, your choir will have an opportunity to sing mass in the Church of St. Mary, the famous basilica located right on Main Market Square.

Every year, millions of pilgrims from all over the world come to Czêstochowa to see the famous Pauline monastery of Jasna Góra that is the home of the Black Madonna painting, a holy icon of the Virgin Mary, that is both Poland’s holiest relic and one of the country’s national symbols.

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