Ireland Catholic Choral Pilgrimages

Ireland is home to hundreds, maybe even thousands of holy sites, places with spiritual significance, where saints worked miracles or were martyred. While on your own pilgrimage, you will come across early church enclosures, lonely cross – slabs and the well-worn tracks of ancient pilgrims.



Join the one and a half million pilgrims who annually make their way to the shrine in Knock where in 1879, it was reported that the Virgin Mary, together with St. Joseph and St. John the Evangelist, appeared to local people.

One of Ireland’s oldest cities, Armagh, has been the spiritual capital of Ireland for 1,500 years and the seat of both Protestant and Catholic archbishops. This city dates back to the age of St. Patrick and the advent of Christianity. Share a song in the stone church on the hill he built which over the years has been rebuilt as St. Patrick’s Church of Ireland Cathedral. Close by in Dublin, you will also have an opportunity to sing mass in the St. Patrick’s Roman Catholic Cathedral.

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