No country ignites the Western imagination as Brazil does. For hundreds of years, it has symbolized the great escape into a primordial, tropical paradise. From the mad passion of the Carnaval, the vastness of the dark Amazon, to the beaches of Rio, Brazil is a country of mythic proportions.



It is located in the east coast of South America on the Atlantic Ocean. Geographically, it nearly equals the size of America’s 48 lower states. It possesses vast natural water resources, a gigantic rain forest and rich mineral deposits. Its 169 million inhabitants are distributed in 26 states and a Federal District, the modern capital of Brasilia.

Our office in Brazil has proven to have superior connections with many of the finest venues and conservatories. Musical groups we have sent there come back raving about their performances, whether joint concerts, Masses in the great cathedrals, or more informal opportunities such as school concerts/exchanges.

Selected American groups are invited to share their talents with appreciative audiences in glorious venues and spectacular settings throughout Brazil. We look forward to working with you on customizing the perfect itinerary for your ensemble!

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