“I wanted to follow up to thank you all for your hard work. Each tour I participate with MCI gets better (and I honestly wasn’t sure that was possible!). The [France] tour went just as it should. Yes, we had a little blip in Atlanta, but we made it to Normandy in time to sing–what a memorable Fourth of July for these students! As we headed south to Le Puy everything simply got better and better and better. Le Puy is a special place to us and we were greeted with warmth and love. Our concerts were well received (three encores!) and we were able to add several informal performances with great success. All of this was made better by our European Tour Manager. He was professional, supportive, positive and informed. He met every request I made and had ideas I didn’t even know to ask for. He is truly an exceptional partner and I am so grateful to have gained yet another friend and colleague.

Again, I don’t know how it can get any better, but we are three for three! I look forward to four, five and six!!!!! Truly, thank you.”

Dr. Amity Bryson, Director